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    PID's for Dodge Ram 5.9L Years 1998.5-2002

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    PID Group PID Short name PID Long name
    ADVALUES KeyC Key Counter
    PERCENTAGE Load-% Engine Load % Calculated
    PERCENTAGE TP-% Throttle Position
    PRESSURE Boost Boost Pressure
    PRESSURE GP-A Governor Pressure Actual
    PRESSURE GP-D Governor Pressure Desired
    PRESSURE GP-DC Governor Pressure Duty Cycle
    PRESSURE GP-V Governor Pressure Sensor Volt
    PRESSURE Oil-P Oil Pressure Sensor
    RPM CAM-RPM Camshaft RPM
    RPM ES Engine Speed
    RPM InjP-ES Injection Pump Engine Speed
    SPEED Speed Vehicle Speed
    TEMPERATURE AA/B-T Ambient Air/Battery Temperature
    TEMPERATURE ECT Engine Coolant Temperature
    TEMPERATURE InjP-FT Injection Pump Fuel Temp
    TEMPERATURE IAT Intake Air Temperature
    TEMPERATURE EGT-Ext SMARTY EGT Sensor External Temp
    TEMPERATURE EGT-Int SMARTY EGT Sensor Internal Temp
    TEMPERATURE STC-IT SMARTY Touch Controller Internal Temp
    TRANSMISSION TOS-S Trans Output Shaft Speed
    TRANSMISSION TRANS-SV Trans SUMP Temperature Volt
    VOLT Boost-V Boost Pressure Sensor Volt
    VOLT CV-A Charging Voltage Actual
    VOLT CV-D Charging Voltage Desired
    VOLT ECT-V Engine Coolant Temp Sensor Volt
    VOLT InjP-BV Injection Pump Battery Volt
    VOLT IAT-V Intake Air Temp Volt
    VOLT Oil-V Oil Pressure Sensor Volt
    VOLT STC-SV SMARTY Touch Controller Supply Volt
    VOLT TP-V Throttle Position Volt
    VOLT WIF-V Water in Fuel Volt
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