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    PID's for Dodge Ram 5.9L Years 2006-2007

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    PID Group PID Short name PID Long name
    ADVALUES DTC#Clr*         # of warm-ups since DTC cleared SAE
    ADVALUES AC-AD         AC High Side Pressure A/D
    ADVALUES Bat-T-AD         Battery Temp A/D Value
    ADVALUES Boost-AD         Boost Pressure A/D Value
    ADVALUES CC-ST         Cruise Control Switch State
    ADVALUES ECM-V-AD         ECM Voltage A/D Value
    ADVALUES ECT-AD         Engine Coolant Temp A/D Value
    ADVALUES Eng-S         Engine Status
    ADVALUES Fuel%-AD         Fuel Level A/D Value
    ADVALUES FS         Fueling Scaler
    ADVALUES Inj-FS         Injector Fueling Status
    ADVALUES Inj-OCF         Injector Open Circ Faults
    ADVALUES Inj-12VF         Injector Short to 12V Circ Faults
    ADVALUES Inj-GndF         Injector Short to GND Circ Faults
    ADVALUES InjTim-S         Injector Timing Status
    ADVALUES ILAT-AD         Inlet Air Temperature A/D Value
    ADVALUES IAH-S         Intake Air Heater State
    ADVALUES IAH-S         Intake Air Heater Status
    ADVALUES IAT-AD         Intake Air Temp A/D Value
    ADVALUES KeyC         Key Counter
    ADVALUES RP-CS         Rail Pressure Control State
    ADVALUES RP-SS         Rail Pressure Sensor State
    ADVALUES TP1-AD         Throttle 1 Position A/D Value
    ADVALUES TP2-AD         Throttle 2 Position A/D Value
    ADVALUES TQ-CS         Torque Control Status
    ADVALUES         WIF-AD         Water in Fuel A/D Value
    ADVALUES WIF-C         Water in Fuel Counts
    AMPS FCA-mA         FCA mA
    INJ_QTY BAL-1 Balancing Fuel Flow Rate Cyl #1
    INJ_QTY BAL-2 Balancing Fuel Flow Rate Cyl #2
    INJ_QTY BAL-3 Balancing Fuel Flow Rate Cyl #3
    INJ_QTY BAL-4 Balancing Fuel Flow Rate Cyl #4
    INJ_QTY BAL-5 Balancing Fuel Flow Rate Cyl #5
    INJ_QTY BAL-6         Balancing Fuel Flow Rate Cyl #6
    INJ_QTY FR-BAL         Commanded Fuel with Balance Rates
    INJ_QTY MIQ-RAW         Main Inj Qty Raw
    INJ_QTY MIQ-BAL         Main Inj Qty with Balance Rates
    INJ_QTY MI-D         Main Injection Duration
    INJ_QTY PI-D         Pilot Injection Duration
    INJ_QTY POI-D         Post Injection Duration
    MISC ClrDist*         Distance since DTC cleared SAE
    MISC DistMIL*         Distance since MIL is activated SAE
    PERCENTAGE Load-%         Engine Load % Calculated
    PERCENTAGE Load-%C*         Engine Load % Calculated SAE
    PERCENTAGE Fan-DC         Fan Duty Cycle
    PERCENTAGE FCA-FF         FCA Allowed Fuel Flow
    PERCENTAGE FCA-DC         FCA Duty Cycle
    PERCENTAGE FCA-DC-D         FCA Duty Cycle Desired
    PERCENTAGE Fuel-%* Fuel Level  % SAE
    PERCENTAGE Fuel-%         Fuel Level %
    PERCENTAGE TP1-%         Throttle 1 Position
    PERCENTAGE TP2-% Throttle 2 Position
    PERCENTAGE TP-A*         Throttle Absolute Position SAE
    PERCENTAGE TP-%         Throttle Position
    PERCENTAGE TQ-Max-%         Torque Maximum %
    PERCENTAGE WG-DC         Wastegate Duty Cycle
    PRESSURE AC-P         AC High Side Pressure
    PRESSURE Baro-P         Barometric Pressure
    PRESSURE Baro-P* Barometric Pressure SAE
    PRESSURE Boost         Boost Pressure
    PRESSURE IMAP* Intake Manifold Absolute Press SAE
    PRESSURE RP         Rail Pressure Actual
    PRESSURE RP* Rail Pressure Actual SAE
    PRESSURE RP-D         Rail Pressure Desired
    PRESSURE RPH-E Rail Pressure High Total Error
    PRESSURE RPL-E Rail Pressure Low Total Error
    RPM CAM-RPM Camshaft RPM
    RPM CRK-RPM Crankshaft RPM
    RPM ES Engine Speed
    RPM ES* Engine Speed SAE
    RPM Fan Fan Speed
    RPM IS1-D Idle Speed Desired 1
    RPM IS2-D Idle Speed Desired 2
    SPEED CC-SS Cruise Control Set Speed
    SPEED Speed Vehicle Speed
    SPEED Speed* Vehicle Speed SAE
    TEMPERATURE AAT* Ambient Air Temperature SAE
    TEMPERATURE Bat-Temp Battery Temperature
    TEMPERATURE ECT Engine Coolant Temp
    TEMPERATURE ECT* Engine Coolant Temp SAE
    TEMPERATURE ILAT Inlet Air Temperature
    TEMPERATURE IAT Intake Air Temperature
    TEMPERATURE IAT* Intake Air Temperature SAE
    TEMPERATURE IAM-T Intake Manifold Temperature
    TEMPERATURE EGT-Ext SMARTY EGT Sensor External Temp
    TEMPERATURE EGT-Int SMARTY EGT Sensor Internal Temp
    TEMPERATURE STC-IT SMARTY Touch Controller Internal Temp
    TIMER IAH-T Intake Air Heater Pre-Heat Timer
    TIMER DTCCT* Time run by engine DTC cleared SAE
    TIMER MILT* Time run by engine MIL active SAE
    TIMER T-ES* Time Since Engine Start SAE
    TIMING TIM Main Injection Timing
    TIMING MMT Misfire Minimum Timing
    TRANSMISSION Gear Current Gear
    TRANSMISSION TOT-AD Trans Oil Temp A/D Value
    TRANSMISSION TRANS-OT Trans Oil Temperature
    TRANSMISSION TOS-S Trans Output Shaft Speed
    TRANSMISSION TP-AD Trans Pressure A/D Value
    TRANSMISSION TP Trans Pressure Actual
    TRANSMISSION TP-D Trans Pressure Desired
    TRANSMISSION TP-PWM Trans Pressure Solenoid PWM
    VOLT InjC1-V Injector Charge Capacitor 1 Volt
    VOLT InjC2-V   Injector Charge Capacitor 2 Volt
    VOLT RP-V   Rail Pressure Sensor Volt
    VOLT STC-SV    SMARTY Touch Controller Supply Volt
    VOLT V-D         Volt desired
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