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    PID's for Dodge RAM 6.7L MY 2010 - 2012

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    Supported PID's Dodge RAM 6.7L Pickup MY 2010 - 2012

    Group                   Short name                                Long name
    ----------------------- ----------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
    ADVALUES                DTC#Clr*                                  # of warm-ups since DTC cleared SAE
    ADVALUES                DeSoot                                    DeSoot Enable
    ADVALUES                DeSOx                                     DeSOx Enable
    ADVALUES                ESS-U                                     Engine Speed Sensor In Use
    AIRFLOW                 EGR-F                                     EGR Flow
    AIRFLOW                 MAF*                                      Flow Rate From MAF sensor SAE
    INJ_QTY                 EFR*                                      Engine Fuel Rate SAE
    MISC                    ClrDist*                                  Distance since DTC cleared SAE
    MISC                    DistMIL*                                  Distance since MIL is activated SAE
    MISC                    TQ                                        Torque Current Output
    PERCENTAGE              EGR-DC                                    EGR Airflow Ctrl Valve Duty Cycle
    PERCENTAGE              EGR-VP                                    EGR Airflow Ctrl Valve Position
    PERCENTAGE              EGRC-P                                    EGR Cooler By-pass Valve Position
    PERCENTAGE              EGR                                       EGR Valve Actual Position
    PERCENTAGE              EGR-D                                     EGR Valve Position Desired
    PERCENTAGE              Load-%*                                   Engine Load % Actual SAE
    PERCENTAGE              Load-%                                    Engine Load % Calculated
    PERCENTAGE              Load-%C*                                  Engine Load % Calculated SAE
    PERCENTAGE              Load-%D*                                  Engine Load % Desired SAE
    PERCENTAGE              Fuel-%*                                   Fuel Level  % SAE
    PERCENTAGE              TP-A*                                     Throttle Absolute Position SAE
    PERCENTAGE              TP-%                                      Throttle Position
    PERCENTAGE              TP-R*                                     Throttle Relative Position SAE
    PERCENTAGE              VGT-Az                                    VGT Turbo Position (Autozeroed)
    PERCENTAGE              VGT-D                                     VGT Turbo Position Desired
    PRESSURE                Baro-P*                                   Barometric Pressure SAE
    PRESSURE                Boost                                     Boost Pressure
    PRESSURE                CRKC-P                                    Crankcase Pressure
    PRESSURE                ILAP                                      Inlet Air Pressure
    PRESSURE                RP                                        Rail Pressure Actual
    PRESSURE                RP-D                                      Rail Pressure Desired
    PRESSURE                VGT-IP                                    VGT Compressor Inlet Air Pressure
    RPM                     ES                                        Engine Speed
    RPM                     ES*                                       Engine Speed SAE
    RPM                     Fan                                       Fan Speed
    RPM                     VGT-S                                     VGT Turbo Speed
    SPEED                   Speed                                     Vehicle Speed
    SPEED                   Speed*                                    Vehicle Speed SAE
    TEMPERATURE             AAT*                                      Ambient Air Temperature SAE
    TEMPERATURE             Chrg-T                                    Charge Temp
    TEMPERATURE             EGR-Temp                                  EGR Orifice Temp
    TEMPERATURE             ECT                                       Engine Coolant Temp
    TEMPERATURE             ECT*                                      Engine Coolant Temp SAE
    TEMPERATURE             EGT1                                      Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor 1
    TEMPERATURE             EGT2                                      Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor 2
    TEMPERATURE             EGT3                                      Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor 3
    TEMPERATURE             EGT4                                      Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor 4
    TEMPERATURE             ILAT                                      Inlet Air Temperature
    TEMPERATURE             IAT                                       Intake Air Temperature
    TEMPERATURE             IAT*                                      Intake Air Temperature SAE
    TEMPERATURE             IC-OT                                     Intercooler Outlet Temp
    TEMPERATURE             IC-OT-E                                   Intercooler Outlet Temp Estimated
    TEMPERATURE             EGT-Ext                                   SMARTY EGT Sensor External Temp
    TEMPERATURE             EGT-Int                                   SMARTY EGT Sensor Internal Temp
    TEMPERATURE             STC-IT                                    SMARTY Touch Controller Internal Temp
    TEMPERATURE             VGT-IT                                    VGT Compressor Inlet Air Temp
    TEMPERATURE             VGT-OT                                    VGT Compressor Outlet Air Temp
    TIMER                   T-ES*                                     Time Since Engine Start SAE
    TIMING                  TIM*                                      Main Injection Timing SAE
    TRANSMISSION            Gear                                      Current Gear
    TRANSMISSION            Gear-P                                    Present Gear
    TRANSMISSION            Gear-S                                    Selected Gear
    TRANSMISSION            TRANS-OT                                  Trans Oil Temperature
    TRANSMISSION            TRANS-ST                                  Trans Sump Temperature
    TRANSMISSION            TTS                                       Trans Turbine Speed
    VOLT                    ECM-V                                     ECM Volt
    VOLT                    ECM-V*                                    ECM Volt SAE
    VOLT                    STC-SV                                    SMARTY Touch Controller Supply Volt
    VOLT                    TP-V                                      Throttle Position Volt
    VOLT                    V-D                                       Volt desired


    Edited by Mopar1973Man

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