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  • Smarty Touch ComMod Installation

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    Smarty Touch ComMod Installation Guide




    This guide details the process for installing the ComMod on 1998.5 to
    Present Trucks


    Definition of terms:

    OTF Cable :

    This is the cable used that attaches to the ComMod and connects to the service bus, located under the hood.


    OBDII :


    This stands for “On Board Diagnostics”, the II being for the second iteration of this. The cable mentioned later will plug into the OBDII port, which is somewhere under the steering column, depending on the year.

    Micro USB Cable :

    This is the cable we use going from the Controller of the Smarty touch to the display unit. 


    Controller :

    The controller is a device we use to help facilitate connection from the Display unit, to the truck. This connects to the Micro USB, and OTF cables, as well as the ComMod. This is also where our optional EGT sensor hooks in.


    ComMod :

    This is our Communication Module. This will allow us to use On the Fly tuning (OTF), also enables programming on the 2013+ trucks.


    The ECM is the “Engine Control Module”. This is the computer that is bolted to the side of the engine block. OTF: Stands for “On the Fly”. This is a feature that lets you modify tuning parameters in about a second.

    Installation :

    The installation process is slightly different depending on the year of truck. The main difference is where the service bus connector is located. The first thing that will need to be done is to connect the ComMod to the controller of the Smarty, as shown below:


    The next thing is to do is install the Smarty Touch normally:


    On the back of the controller, there is a micro USB port. The micro USB cable will go from this port to the display unit. On the front of the ComMod shown above, there is a place to connect the OBDII Cable. This will go directly from here, to your OBDII port. There is also a connection for the OTF cable. The installation of the OTF cable is shown further down in the guide

    The Display unit comes with a windshield mount and uses a dual T pattern for mounting the display. Before using the provided Zip ties to mount the controller securely, connect the OTF cable to the underhood service bus. Then connect the other end of the OTF cable to the ComMod. You will be routing this end of the cable through the firewall.


    Here is the location of the Service bus we use on a 2015 truck:







    The connector is typically located between the ECM and the intake horn. On some trucks, it may be towards the upper right portion of the ECM. It can vary where this connector is located, but it is usually within a couple of feet from the ECM. Sometimes it is closer to the firewall, and other times it is closer to the front of the truck.

    The OTF cable is required to be installed for the On the Fly feature to work. It is also needed for programming the 2013+ trucks and returning them to stock software.

    To program the truck, you will want to go to “ECM tuning & DTC”. The ECM option is for tuning the truck. For more information about how to program with the tuner, see our other articles.

    There is no special procedure for disabling the RSA protection (only required on 2013+). The Smarty will automatically do this for you during programming.



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