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  • Smarty Touch Settings for Dodge Ram Cummins 1998.5-2002

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    Smarty Touch Settings for 2nd generation VP-44 Cummins trucks


    This section will describe the Smarty Touch power levels for the VP-44 equip trucks:


    Level 1: Fuel Saver

    Level 2: Only more fuel and Boost fooling

    Level 3: Like # 2 + added timing

    Level 4: “Soft” CaTCHER no added timing

    Level 5: Like # 4 + added Timing

    Level 6: Mild CaTCHER no added timing

    Level 7: Like # 6 + added Timing

    Level 8: CaTCHER no added timing

    Level 9: Like 8 + added timing


    The biggest difference between Smarty levels 5-9 is how aggressive the Smarty tuning is. While the overall horsepower (~65 horse on a stock truck) is the same, how aggressive the tuning behaves changes quite a bit (9 being the most aggressive).


    Generally, we don't recommend going past level 5 on an automatic truck while empty, and 7 when using a manual. When towing we generally recommend running level 3. A lot of this comes down to how you drive. Keep in mind you can get away with a lot less with a heavy foot.


    Next, you have the adjustable options. In this year range you have:



    -Torque Management



    When tuning with the Smarty Touch, the timing can be helpful to get things dialed in. Mainly we recommend keeping this at 1. If you run bigger injectors or have more fuel with some other method, that is a good time to turn this setting up. Note that this setting is 1-3 for the selection.


    The Torque Management is a system put in place by Dodge to help save wear on the drive-train. The more you turn this setting up, the more bottom end torque you will see. This is also quite a bit harder on the transmission, so it is worth noting that you will want to be careful if the transmission is stock. This setting is 1-5 for the selection.


    Duration controls how long the injectors are open when they spray fuel. The higher this number is, the longer it will stay open. Turn this up if you need more fueling in general. Note that this setting is 1-4 for the selection.


    When first setting up the Smarty Touch, we recommend setting the adjustable options to 1 (timing, torque, duration). Run this for awhile and find out what you do and don't like. From there we can help make recommendations on what to change, and this guide will help provide some insight as well.

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