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  • Smarty Touch Unlock Codes

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    Smarty Touch Unlock Codes


    Overview: This is a guide that will cover what unlock codes are, what the different types of unlock codes are, as well the process of requesting, receiving, and installing unlock codes. 




    What are unlock codes?

    Unlock codes are files that unlock software packages and/or licenses on your Smarty Touch. These are generated using request files that must be created on the Smarty Touch and then provided to us to be processed. More on this will be covered later in the guide.  




    What are the different types of unlock codes?



    About: This is an optional software package that adds an additional set of 9 tunes to use on your Smarty Touch. These tunes are designed with performance in mind, offering more HP and overall aggressiveness than what comes stock on the Smarty Touch. 


    Compatibility: 2003-2007 5.9L CR Trucks. Must be running firmware version 1.1.2 (Link Below)


    Cost: Free($0.00)







    About: This is an optional software package that adds the SSR tuners tuning features to the Smarty Touch. Unlike the tuning available on the Smarty Touch out of the box, the SSR tuning isn’t a collection of prebuilt tunes that you can load on your truck, but rather is a set of adjustable parameters, that you set a value between 1-50 for each of them, and together determine how the truck will perform. The 6 parameters are:

    Low Load Injection Timing (LLT)
    High Load Injection Timing (HLT)
    Low Load Injection Duration (LLD)
    High Load Injection Duration (HLD)
    Low Load Rail Pressure (LLRP)
    High Load Rail Pressure (HLRP)


    Compatibility: 2003-2007 5.9L CR Trucks. Must be running firmware version 1.1.2 (Link Below)  

    Cost: $115




    Vin Unlock License

    About: This is an unlock code that will unlock one of the 3 available licenses on the Smarty Touch. This allows the user to tune an additional truck with their tuner (You may have each truck that the Smarty licenses are associated with tuned simultaneously!).


    Compatibility:  1998.5 – Present*  Must be running firmware version 1.1.2 or newer. Caution: if you are planning to request unlock codes for the TNT-R or SSR packages in the future, do not update to firmware newer than version 2.1.20. This is because you need to use firmware version 1.1.2 to request the unlock codes for TNT-R and SSR and because it is not possible to revert to older firmware than 2.1.25 once you’ve updated your tuner to that version or later. 


    Cost: $150/ license







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