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    Smarty Touch Update Guide

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    Micro Tuner Model  Smarty Touch

    Cummins Diesels MY's 1998.5-Present*


    Smarty Touch Update Guide






    This is a guide to help you both determine if your Smarty Touch needs an update, as well as to walk you through the process of updating your Smarty Touch. 


    Do You need An Update?

    First of all, it is important to be sure that you need an update on your smarty touch. To do this, we need to check what firmware your Smarty Touch is currently running on. To check what firmware edition you are using, first go to the main menu and select the Smarty Touch Information button. 
    There will be a variety of information on the Smarty Touch’s screen. Look for where it says, “Smarty Touch Controller:” The number following this is the firmware that your Smarty Touch is running. To determine if you need an update or not, you will need to check our page to see if this firmware version matches. Below is a link to the latest Smarty Touch firmware:





    How to Update Your Smarty Touch


    1.) Download the latest firmware

    To update your Smarty Touch, you will first need to download the latest firmware available off the smartyresource download page:

    What is being downloaded is a compressed zip folder. This is NOT what needs to be copied into the Smarty Touch’s microSD card.  


    2.) Copy the latest firmware into the Smarty Touch’s microSD card

    When the download finishes, you will need to open it. Typically your browser (e.g., Chrome/Enternet Explorer/Firefox/etc) will give you the option to open it once it’s finished downloading. Otherwise, it will be located where it was saved on your computer. If you aren’t sure where it saved to, check your downloads from within your browser. (Usually an option in your settings. You can also try pressing Control +J  from within your browser.

    It is only the contents inside of this folder that you want to copy to the Smarty Touch’s microSD card. There will be five items--Data, Config, Custom, Smarty2G.iap, and Smarty2G.sgn. Copy these five items into the root of the microSD card. This is the main section that you see when you first open the microSD card on your computer. (You should see files and folders with the same names already in the microSD card. These are the older versions of the files that we are copying over.)


    Because there are files with the same name in the microSD card as what you are copying over, you may see a popup telling you that there is already a file with the same name in this location. Select the “Copy and Replace” option to replace the file in the microSD card with the new version that we are copying over. Oftentimes there will be an option on the bottom left of this popup that you can select to automatically continue to copy and replace for the remaining files that have the same names as those in the microSD card.


    After everything has finished copying to the microSD card, you will need to eject the microSD card from your computer, and then bring it to your truck. 


    3.) Update the firmware on your Smarty Touch


    Insert the microSD card into the Smarty Touch and then power on the Smarty. You should see it begin the update automatically. There will be 4 phases to the update that it will go through, each with its own progress bar. Let these go through. When it finishes, there will be a message saying that the smarty touch was updated successfully!

    If the Smarty Touch does not begin updating automatically, there is an alternate method to starting the update. To do this, you first need to go into the “Configuration Tools” menu, and then scroll down. Select the option “Firmware Update”.  There will be a message asking if you’d like to proceed with the update. Select Yes and the update should begin.







    Edited by Adam

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