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  • Tuning with a Smarty Touch Tuner

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    This is a short guide meant to teach you how to program the settings for the Smarty Touch.


    This guide assumes that your Smarty is already physically installed.


    On the main menu of the Smarty, there will be 2 rows of 4 boxes. The upper section is for gauges, the bottom section is for tuning the truck and other options that will be covered in a different guide.


    The first thing we will do is hit “ECM Tuning & DTC”.


    There will be some options on the Smarty that aren't there depending if the truck has been programmed or not. Either way, hit the “ECM” button to proceed.


    Next, there will be an option for “Customize Tuning: STD Revo”. This will allow us to select the tuning for your Smarty.


    You will now see some options for power levels, rail pressure, timing, torque etc. depending on the year of truck. For power levels, we recommend going for 70 horsepower at most for a stock automatic transmission or 100 for a manual. For these other tuning options, we recommend setting them to 1 for the time being.


    You will want to hit the next button on the Smarty's screen. On this menu, it will ask for your preferred speed limiter. This can go anywhere from 25 MPH to 250 MPH. On most Cummins, the stock value is around 105 MPH, but feel free to put this wherever you'd like.


    After this is selected, there will be a program button. Once you hit this the programming will start. It takes anywhere from 4-7 minutes depending on year of truck. It will go from 0-100% in this time.


    Once that is done it will have you cycle the key a couple of times (just follow the prompts). After that, you are done!

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