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BBI Core Policy

BBI Core procedure:

Customers wishing to obtain refunds on their purchase of BBI reman injectors from Smarty Resource, customer will be charged an up front core deposit. Customers core injectors have to be received within 30 days of the original invoice date

Upon return and thorough inspection of core injectors, customer will be refunded either the full or a partial pro-rated core deposit.

The amount of the refund is affected by many factors:

Outer inspection:
  -   Fire damage
  -   Melted or broken plastic parts
  -   Magnet connector pin broken
  -   Scratches on the injector outside

Internal inspection:
  -   Missing injector internals
  -   Destroyed injector internals

Misuse of the returned injectors:
  -   Watercontaminated fuel
  -   Particle contaminated fuel