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  2. Timing Calculator

    Either tonight or tomorrow night I should be done the revision of the timing calculator, I’ve added pilot tables/information to it. Shows to be pretty close estimates when compared against a datalog.
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  4. Lot of smoke with new turbo

    Thanks Rob another question what is tq actually doing to the truck like more fueling more timing
  5. Lot of smoke with new turbo

    Try setting your torque management closer to stock, I'd bet your new turbo doesn't spool as fast as the stock one, but it better than stock once spooled.
  6. That answers another of my questions. I wasn't sure if I could load custom tunes on the smarty if the want was there later. Thank you.
  7. Timing Calculator

    I’ve come up with a different order for doing the method of extrapolation I’m using in the calculator that provides a closer estimate for duration to what the ecm outputs. I’ll repost the calculator once I restructure the background workings.
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  9. Lot of smoke with new turbo

    Hey guys first time posting for my truck - 06 ram 2500 6speed - s&b cai - 5in exhaust - Valair clutch 650hp rated - airdog 150 -tater built turbo 62/65/12 - smarty s06 revo The problem I'm having is since I upgraded my turbo I'm getting lot more smoke than I like I figured the new turbo would be cleaner I tow mostly also like to turn it loose often thanks for any help
  10. Timing Calculator

    Testing the “lookup” sheet it comes out pretty close to a data log comparison. Not going to be 100% accurate just because of the natural oscillation of the rail pressure and duration plus any corrections the ecm makes. The “lookup” was just meant to provide an estimation anyways. At a particular point in the data log I’m showing 1995rpm, 30.84mm3, 623us, 8.83* and 88.04MPa, using the rpm and mm3 in the “lookup” returned an estimate of 595.16us, 8.79* and 88.23MPa.
  11. Timing Calculator

    It’s highly accurate for how I set it up to extract information from the tables and the “lookup” options. Of course like other calculators the 0mm3 column for timing shows zero due to a zero the multiply/divide by 0 you get 0. I could set it up so it can give a value in that column but the split percent would be so ridiculously highly, like in tens of thousands, to make it work it just seemed unreasonable to even bother. If if there’s any extra tables, changes anyone wants to see added I can do so. One table I will add at some point is kind of a pressure creation table, where you enter a desired pulsewidth at a specific mm3 and it will tell you how much pressure you need.
  12. Timing Calculator

    Solid! Can't wait to try it out.
  13. Timing Calculator

    Built myself a timing calculator I thought I'd share here. Probably functions in background differently than most others out there as far as interpolation and I built it to show more than others out there do. It automatically adjusts all tables axis' outside of pressure, duration and current timing for whatever non-stock axis you may be using if you are using different than stock axis'. Just copy and paste from UDC Pro to the pressure, duration and current timing sheets and it'll take care of the axis' on all other tables inside the calculator. Other than stock axis will not affect the operation or calculations it does in the background. Some of the extra information it shows: -Total current injection duration in CAD -Current injection timing split -Total new injection duration in CAD -Injection duration for the respective timing table cells -Difference between current timing and new timing in CAD I also created a "lookup" sheet where you can "lookup" pressure, duration and timing(current and new) for any given rpm and mm3/s. UDC Pro RT Timing Calc.xlsx
  14. Good morning! Per policy we recommend sw 3 for a stock auto and sw 5 for a stock clutched manual. If you have driving habits which allow you to drive with trans health in mind one may get away with using a higher sw level. The greatest timing is what I prefer due to increased efficiency and mpg with a lowering of egt. The timing settings vary by the year of truck as you can view on our adjustment guide on our comprehensive manual. Thank you! Brian
  15. Good morning, im new too the smarty world my truck is an 04 3500 6 speed with a dual disk clutch some light mods stock fueling though I want to try some of the higher sw levels I have it on sw7 rite now since yesterday so far so good I read somewhere that putting the timing on 3 is better for mileage or is sw7 too high for a stock truck I dont drive with my foot to floor all the time but I like to give it a little juice here and there what are some other sw levels and settings to try? thanks
  16. Recovery help

    Good morning Waydin, I would advise that you assure you have grabbed your recovery from this ticket as it is due to automatically be resolved again. The ticket and file will disappear. Thank you! Brian
  17. U Joints

    Last night on the way home I start detecting a vibration occurring when the driveline went slack. Kind of knew at that point the rear driveshaft was going to be the trouble maker. I found a way to change the rear most u-joint in under 1 hour without pulling the driveshaft. I grabbed the Harbor Freight Ball Joint Press and began to press the old joint out. Finish the job and rolled it out of the shop in under 1 hour.
  18. File failed

    Did this ever get solved?
  19. Recovery help

    Hi Waydin, I searched out and finally found your ticket and have placed it back to open for you so you may grab your file. Thank you! Brian
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  21. Recovery help

    Hi Waydin, You did not save to your computer? You should have received a notification that the ticket was ready to auto resolve. I will search it out and see if I am able to find for you. There is a lot to go thru. I will let you know when I find.
  22. Recovery help

    Hello everyone, Smarty resource staff members. I have tried for the past week or maybe a little more to reply on the topic I created when I paid for the recovery file. I just now noticed that it was reported resolved. Or it says the status is resolved. I am going tomorrow to a salvage yard to get the obd2 pigtail to hopefully get this new ecm flashed to my pickup. How can I go about getting the new recovery file you guys setup for me? Will you reopen the topic or do I have to pay again?
  23. File failed

    I'd throw a charger on the batteries for a few minutes and try again with the charger still hooked up.
  24. File failed

    Have tried that as well and still the same outcome.
  25. File failed

    Pull the fuel pump fuse and relay and the abs fuse and try again
  26. File failed

    I’m trying to install the tunes on my 05 the first time it got to 75% then failed and said it would rewrite back to stock that got to 65% and failed have tried 3 more times and every time it get to 65% it fails. I have checked the batteries and the my have full charge even left the charger hooked up to them while trying to load the file, rechecked the connections and all are good. When it fails it says error 16251. Anyone had this problem?
  27. 2017 Settings

    Good afternoon Justin! The higher the SW setting the better for mpg. Greatest timing is the key. Someone with a newer truck should pop in to share their results as well.
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