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Buying new vs used SMARTY

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Hey All -


First post here, so if anything below is a touchy subject for this forum, please let me know . . .


I have a 2011 bare bones stock, auto, 3500. I want to delete it (in Canada), if I can push the funds to do so, past the wifey! As such, I have found a used S67 for sale locally, at a good price.

First, how can I tell if it is vin locked? Can I use my bare bones stock truck to do so safely?


I see there are two different looking S67's now. The newer ones are black/grey with a more modern look. The older ones seem to be the original blue ones, older/squarer looking. What is the difference, and what do I need to know surrounding this? The local one I found is blue.


There is another product, seemingly quite similar to SMARTY, but branded RaceMe. Can anyone fill me in on what I need to know about the two seemingly similar products?


I'll start with that for now. Any and all info is much appreciated!



(PS - I ran a SMARTY on my 2000 CTD for years and LOVED it. I am not new to SMARTY, but I have not had a modded diesel in a few years, and am new to tuning a 4th gen truck)

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Good morning Jason!


Yes Sir, you can plug into your truck or even your pc to tell if it is locked. The # signs tell the story. If you see # Smarty # it is vin locked.


The visual difference on the case is cosmetic. That means nothing to what is inside. What you look for is the serial # on the unit. US in the serail string means US/North America and the ones with no US in the serial are the old Worldwides which are not available in the US. Worldwides accept US tuning and Worldwide tuning as well. The newer US tuners accept only tuning designed for North American trucks.

http://madselectronics.com/downloadfiles/Announcement_28022013.pdf This link explains.


The other product you mentioned is a competitor of ours.


Thank you!

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Excellent info Brian, and thank you for the link. This clears it up for me perfectly. I'll be sure to check the serial number when making a purchase.


If I happen to get my hands on an non-US tuner... Are software updates still available?


To confirm VINlock or not, all I do is plug it in, with no button-pushing? By plugging it in, I'll get SMARTY or #SMARTY# on the screen?


Is there a way to determine the current software that is installed, when buying used?



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Good afternoon Jason!


For the Worldwide tuner and US only tuner you can grab "US Street Legal" softwares off the download page linked here: http://smartyresource.com/smartyupdate.aspx Updates will continue to be available.


Simple! Look for the # signs!


Once you have loaded a CaTCHER software in the ECM of your vehicle, Smarty is VIN Locked.

This means that Smarty will work only in your vehicle.

(Returning the ECM to STOCK software, Smarty restores itself to the original, unlocked condition.)

Turn on the ignition key. DO NOT START THE ENGINE. Plug Smarty’s cable into the diagnostic

connector of your vehicle and Smarty will display:

When the “ # “ symbols are displayed on the first line, Smarty is VIN# locked to a vehicle.

The second line of the display shows the firmware version and the tuning data version.


You can also press the #9 key to show if the calibration and vin is locked in.


Thank you!

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So I picked up the S67 today. I confirmed it was not Vin locked before leaving. However, when I try to connect to truck at home, I get ERROR UNKNOWN SOFTWARE.


I am 100% confident my truck is stock. Please help??

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Thanks Brian. I'll look at that.

I assume someone else will chime in, on doing this for non-US tunes?


Should I start a new thread in the S67 section, now that I have that version in hand?

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