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Hello everyone! My acceptance speech: thank you Dodge, thank you Smarty! I keep a hundred dollar bill in my console for when a Ford or Chevy want to race... I still have my hundred dollar bill! I don't keep the ones I win for very long!

Peter (Crazy Insane)

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Thanks guys! Once I figured out how to use the clutch in a certain gear to launch with minimal tire spin and then which gears to use once rollin, I started fishin at the track! Anybody know of a short shift kit for the 5600? My goal is to upgrade my front axle joints and the front driveshaft for 4wheel launches! Sill dreaming of super singles!

All of this wouldn't be possible without my Smarty! The "other" tuner I had in the past seemed powerful.... then I got a Smarty! I'm really enjoying how smooth the engine runs on even the high level tunes! The "other" tuner had a choppy feeling under hard accel in the highest level tune and the idle would surge at stops. Smarty really did their homework with the mapping of the data parameters by making them all work together! I'm going to have to eventually get valve springs now that I can rev close to 4,000 rpm, thanks Smarty for that added benefit!!

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