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little guidance needed

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I have an 06 3500 dually 4x4 with auto trans and 133k on the odo. trans gov pressure solenoid replaced with Chevy one and billet adapter plate and bands adjusted recently. Also stock intake, exhaust and everything else but 34" tires I have had this truck for 7 years and only use it to pull a 12k fifth wheel from Az to CA on pretty much flat ground, no big hills at all. I have had the smarty since 2006 when I bought my first Cummins and never updated it until now.


There are two downloads, revo and revo-tnt. any advice as to which one and what settings to use? I have been running the truck on SW3 with no issues at all and 11mpg towing with 13 around town. I have a heavy foot, the wife can get it to 18ish mpg if she uses it for a week.

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Good morning!


The TNT-r is our race software. For you I reccomend the REVO software.


Thank you!

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