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Version 6 update, Smarty Touch/MM3

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Greetings Folks!


Version 6 has been released. What’s new with this version? Support for our MM3 has been added. What this means is the UDC Pro RT can now communicate with MM3 and download files into it. MM3 works with the tuning software exactly the same as the Smarty Touch does. The difference is the MM3 has no “canned” tunes placed into it and accepts custom tuning only.


The copy function has been further developed as well. Those changes which are many, are evident when you get into it. For example, it is now possible to copy not only between the same calibration but platform wide or even between the different ECM platforms. So for example, one can compare and copy between say, a 2013 auto and a 2013 manual truck. You can do the same between ‘13 and ‘16 trucks also for example. Even possible to do so between a ‘10-12 to a ‘13 + truck. As long as the same parameter exists in both softwares and has the same scaling it will fly.


Also we have several minor fixes in this update as well.


Please grab this new update here: http://smartyresource.com/Smarty_udc_pro.aspx


Thank you!

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