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Vin license Policy

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As it states below in your instructions when you came out with the VIN lock Policy, that those that wish to stay with the VIN license Policy, updates would be supported. There have been no updates in over a year. If you are not going to or planning on updating the old policy, I would like to return my Smarty for a refund.





Our customers who already own a Smarty Touch have two possible alternatives:


1) Update the firmware with the “Four VIN#” one (1.1.2 or newer). This will enable the ability to communicate with the UDC Pro RT

software and since the first VIN# is unlocked they will be able to use their tuner without any further charge on their truck. Should the

customer desire to tune another truck, he will need to purchase a VIN# license.


2) For those not interested in custom tuning and wanting to stay with our previous VIN license policy, update the firmware to the

new Version 1.1.1 which fixes a few bugs and has new tuning. We will continue to update and support also the firmware’s with the

previous VIN# policy for the future tuning software updates.

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Good morning Mike,


The latest updates are all connected to the UDC Pro RT technology.


The latest firmware 1.1.1 for the old policy is stable and we’ll continue to support it.


But we highly suggest to step into the future and update the system in order to be able to use the latest implemented features.


Thank you!

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Step into the future, you guys can't even figure out how to add trans PID's for 04-05 trucks. Time to move on to something else.

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