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Smarty Touch Firmware Update Question

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Good Afternoon,


I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out if I have the new vin lock policy update or not. I bought my Smarty Touch in DEC 2016 and this is the firmware info from my unit. I'm assuming that I have the new VIN policy but just want to make sure before I update the firmware.


SMARTy touch display 1.01.06

Smarty touch controller: 0001.01.06

Tuning Database DRST004B


BTW I love this unit. I have a 2007.5 3500 4WD 6.7L with the G56 and SB DD clutch. It made my truck feel like a whole new beast. I have stepped it up to SW 9 and the extra power is going to put a dent in my wallet from fuel costs. I need to lighten up my foot a bit.


I'm getting ready to tow my 10,000 LB toy hauler across country to the east coast and will be dialing it back to SW5. Any setting recommendations would be much appreciated.


I was thinking


TM: mild

Timing: greatest

VGT: moderate

Rail: mild





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Hi John,


You should be on the new Vin Policy. The old policy ends at firmware 1.1.1


Glad you are enjoying your touch, check out UDC PRO also!


Welcome to the club,



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