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Check Trailer Brake Wiring message

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Hello, ladies and gents. Finally tuned my 2013 ram 2500 and ran into a little problem. After installing my tuner, egr delete and full exhaust I receive the message, along with a ding, "check trailer brake wiring" on my notification screen. This message displays and sounds off every time I touch the brakes. (I also do not have a trailer attached to the truck) It is not the tuner as I have returned to the stock file and receive the same message. I am not sure if I yanked on a wire from the trailer harness while removing the old exhaust or if it's grounding out somewhere. It did rain pretty hard the night I finished it. I had installed the tuner and changed the exhaust then started in the egr when it started raining. I finished the egr later the next day, it rained for about 8 hours.

Now, I have tried multiple other forums and people were saying that the controllers can be temperamental from heavy rain, but I have towed in the rain before and never have had the problem. I bought a couple rolls of e-tape to recover all the wires from the 7 pin all the way to the battery, but just wasn't sure if that would make a difference. I have looked inside the connector and it looks fine, same as wire side, nothing touching or frayed. I had to leave on a business trip for a month so I am not near my truck currently (live in Texas, business trip is in New York). I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and what they did to fix it. Do I need to shop for a new harness (less than 80 bucks) or take it to my local mechanic when I get home and see if he can figure it out? Any thoughts or help would really be welcomed and appreciated. Thank you all for your time.

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Chances are you did something to the wiring while working underneath the truck. Most likely a grounded wire somewhere. You'll have to wait until you get home but the best thing you can do is carefully inspect the wiring harness in the areas you worked and see if you can find any abnormalities (Nick's, compressed areas, scuffs etc) and then check the wiring at that point. 

I don't have a wiring diagram for a 2013 but if you find one you can check the wires from the brake controller to the plug and see if there's a short.

Since you don't know where the problem lies it's hard to say if you need a harness or not.

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