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Rob D

Possibly mislabeled trans parameters

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Through my own testing and looking over some other tuning platforms I think there may be a mislabel when it comes to the 48RE wide open throttle and full acceleration parameters.  I believe that when you get into WOT mode on the 48re you are simply changing governor tables to the WOT table that has a lower pressure setting which would encourage a kickdown shift.  In other platforms this table is referred to as downshift request mode which makes sense due to the lower gov pressure table switch.


The next mode on the throttle is full acceleration mode and I believe this is the mode that is associated with the desired shift RPM points (Which is labeled WOT shift RPM in UDCP).  I think those should be labeled as Full Acceleration Shift RPM points.



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Version 35.  These labels have been the same since UDCP came out.  I just never paid much attention to them before I got serious about trans tuning.


Anyway, what I think may need to be changed is under the 48RE Section of the tune in "Parameters" the WOT Shift RPM desired, AdJ. High and Adj. Low should really be Full Accel RPM Desired, Full Acell Adj. High and Full Accel Adj. Low.


I think the layout is confusing WOT mode (which I think just switches the governor tables) with Full Accel mode which I believe has some learning ability to get the shifts into the rpm range desired.

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