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Authorized Smarty Vendors, Signing up on the Authorized Vendor List.

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To all of our Authorized Smarty Vendors, Please contact me by Private Message for permissions to enter your Store's information into our Authorized Smarty Vendor listing! I will toggle you in as "Authorized Vendor" You will then have access to your vendor area to place up your store and contact information.


Please note our page listing our Authorized Dealers. It is advised to purchase only through Smarty Authorized Dealers.



All Authorized Vendors in good standing are encouraged to get ahold of me for website permissions to place their business up onto our Authorized Vendors Page.


In addition you can view our Policy Violators list 



And our Smarty Policy Violator's Record area is under construction. https://smartyresource.com/policy-violators.htm/


And of course I would like to remind all to view our Smarty MRP Policy. 



Thank you!


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