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Any words of wisdom

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I recently got a sj06. And have been playing with the settings on my 05. My transmission was rebuilt 20k miles ago they put in heavy duty billet tc, billet servo assembly’s, Vb modifications. I am about to put an exhaust 4in with resonator. I am wondering if you have any warnings or words of wisdom?

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Enjoy that Jr!


You are good to go with the trans mods. I wont tell you what sw to use, but if it was mine I'd run sw 3 with all else default to try and see how you like. One should see less egt on SW 3 than you would stock tuneage.


Since yours is an 05, if you have an aftermarket lift pump like a fass or airdog I would pull the relay when loading a tune. And of course confirm your batteries are charged.


Have fun Jon! :drinks:


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