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new injectors and smarty

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I recently upgraded my stock injectors to Dynomite diesel 75 horse taking the truck home from the repair shop I was impressed with improved performance, so I expected

a bit better with the addition of the catcher software, WOW was I impressed. so I had to show my grandson the performance he is 20-21 and also has a dodge truck similar to mine

98 dodge ram 2500 5.9l 24v  so here is what happened I set it to 5, tuner I mean, and went to a long straight stretch of clear road, and stomped on the throttle, there was bout a half second delay, and she reared like a tiger getting set to chase a prey, farted a huge cloud of blowing coal, it then (katy bar the door) she took off like a rocket launch with tires squealing, and blood in her eye to kill the prey, the turbo kicked in and the launch was on, my grin was door to door wide and I could swear the back of my head touched the rear window , I got to 60 so fast it totally blew my mind, I'm not used to this old dog running like a cheetah.  so now I have to keep my foot out of it so nothing breaks on my 20 year old girl LOL  love the new injectors and the banks tuner.   

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