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Smarty Touch Newbie fr Packer Land

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2018-4-16: new SMARTY Touch + EGT installed to replace failed Banks.  Banks served us well towing 14K 5'er last 10 years, but not these last 3, no more.  Local diesel mentor [ CP Diesel, St. Cloud, FL] said to go with Smarty, I did. 


Now looking for reliable alternative to Banks Pwr Lvl 3 or 4, to tow 5'er X-Country.  Just started browsing this forum, so if I overlooked the obvious, well, a little patience is appreciated.  Some say SW-3 w/timing is a smart choice.  Barring further advice, that's my tow setting whilst watching my EGT's.


Travel safe my new friends.





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Hi Wally,


Happy to have you with us.


Your current setting choice of SW 3 is a safe one and what we recommend for a stock automatic. Of course you are correct to go with the "Greatest" timing which offers efficiency.


Thank you Wally!




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