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Some comments re: Display graphics & content.

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Greetings from a newbie w/first SMARTY tuner.  My initial contact w/reps Dylan & Brian were received with patience, understanding & good technical expertise.  I hope to hear from you in comments to this forum entry, which I presume Mr. Dylan & Mr. Brian will monitor.  My expectations for software improvement for a 14 yr. old model Ram is, well, not very high, but then again, it is a very popular model and well liked.
My following comments here re: Smarty graphics design, are based upon 13 years of traveling with various GPS and/or engine monitoring displays.  In my past life I took part in display & control graphics design for coal fired power plant control room operators.  "Graphics Character" recognition in any GUI device, must suit the appropriate/dynamic environment in which it is used.  
A Laptop an TV monitor screen displays are stationary & at a fixed optimal distance, in an optimal/controlled lighting environment.  You know highway vehicles are anything but a controlled environment!
Time of data/image acquisition is another parameter, e.g. changing road conditions e.g. vibration, bumps & lumps, limited time to divert one's attention from driving, and the speed of one's unique ability to acquire & correctly interpret information at a quick glance.
Color management re: complimentary color contrast of adjacent or vital graphics is another consideration, as are which colors are or can be, appropriate for 'color blind' users as well; possibly an optional graphics choice altogether for them.  [Control room operators cannot be color blind, eh, but vehicle drivers can be.]
Your screen graphics are beautifully done.  Options for "analog" & digital data are also well done.  The resolution & brightness is excellent.

--relative to my 'normal' eyesight, the 'analog' graphics are best suited for desktop use, which is where they were probably created at 4x scale on their PC monitors.  I have 35" arms [re: shirts I buy] & the 24"-26" from my face to screen, renders the beautiful "analog gauge" details indistinguishable, at least to me.  When stopped, I have the advantage of a few more seconds to absorb the details with clarity, but not when moving.
--"analog gauge" pointers are red and of minimal contrast with the black background.  "Hot Pink" would be a good choice, or Yellow if your pallet is limited.
--your competitor EDGE places a digital value within the "analog gauge" body and uses an "arc bar" in lieu of a "pointer", reminiscent of the 1961 Buick Speedometer!  Very effective IMHO.  [What a beast that car was!]  ...however their optional "analog gauge" screen uses red pointers on a black background, so no competition there, eh.
--digital data displayed to nearest .01 value is way too busy & downright distracting.  Cut the fractional values, limit data to whole numbers & permit user defined sampling rates or damping, whichever is convenient for programming.  You made an effort in this regard, but of no consequence selecting "slow", at least to this new user who may have gotten it wrong.
--please consider finding room to display current user selected "SW-x" setting and current POD value.  Again, this is for driver/operators using your fine tuner to evaluate performance relative to active settings whilst on the road.
--conspicuous by its absence is lack of the vital Transmission parameters/data, e.g. internal temperature, torque converter slip, etc.  When hauling my 14K# RV overland, EGT and Transmission Temp. are the two most vital parameters, boost, engine temp & fuel rail pressure are nice to see when things go bump in the night, but most informative in conjunction with EGT and Transmission Temp., according to my friendly diesel mechanic. as well.
You [Dylan] have explained their absence to me, in a logical understandable manner.  Soon, I will utilize your Smarty forum to garner some additional interested souls that also feel the need.  
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Thank you for your valuable feedback Walter. Indeed something to look into.


As to the signature, the down arrow by your name up top of the page,  then account settings. You will see the signature button to your left.


Thank you!




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