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DTC P0630 when returning to Stock setting

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I'm a novice. I've got a 2006 5.6L with auto transmission. I use the truck for around town and for occasional towing a 31 foot 5th wheel.  Other than the Smarty, a PacBrake exhaust brake and a transmission upgrade, it's bone stock. The first (and only) time I used my Smarty Jr. I set it to Level 1 and it's worked great for the couple of months I've had it installed. I need to get my truck smogged (California), so I hooked up the Jr. and set the program to Stock. When I started the truck after reprogramming it, it started, then died. I hooked up the Jr. and checked the DTC's, and it said I have two codes:  P0630 - VIN not programmed into PCM; and P0513 - Invalid skim key.  I hooked the Jr. back up and reprogrammed it to Level 1 and it runs good again (I didn't check to see if the DTC codes).  I tried again with the same results. Do you know if I'm doing something wrong? I'm afraid to clear the codes once it's programmed for stock for fear that something will happen to the ECM/PCM.

FYI - I bought the Smarty unit used. It came with all the manuals, paperwork, cable etc.  I've had it a couple of months.  I haven't tried downloading any updates.

Is there any words of wisdom you can give me?  Thanks for any help you can give.

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No way I can assist with the skim key. There may be an ecm issue as well but we have another action we can try on the truck for the vin not programming.


Please go to our support tab and make a ticket and designate it as recovery in the department line. A form will pop which you may place your truck information.


I will watch for that ticket.


Thank you!




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