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Curious, anyone ever wonder why people are so adement about highly recommending HP Tuners to people who have no gauges in their truck or tuner and are looking into custom tuning, especially for earlier generation trucks, as I have? I mean, sure, it offers same tables and everything to adjust compared to the touch or mm3.  But now you are having to purchase extra gauges and are limited on the gauges you can mount.  Some times external gauges do not provide the same readings as the ecm sensors.  For example a long time ago I tried out an auto meter rail pressure pillar mount gauge and it was WAY off what a scanner plugged to the obd2 plug showed off the ecm.   Then if you want to datalog you must plug your laptop in, it’s not always feasible to be like “Hey, I wanna datalog this climb up this hill in front of me, I better pull over and plug my laptop in.”  Then suddenly “Oh crap, I just realized I don’t have my laptop with me.  Oh why did I pull over before realizing I don’t have my laptop with me?”   Just seems to me there just isn’t the flexibility and options there over touch or mm3 to really make it worthwhile, especially if you don’t have any external gauges yet. 

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