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Rob D

New Switchable Tuning Question

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@Brian Is the new Switchable tuning for 2006+ like EFI live's system?  I assume there is enough memory to load alternate tables and we can switch between them?


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Good afternoon Rob!

Here are some details for you.


To use the “switch” a physical switch installed is needed!

I choose so because…


Let me waste your time for a moment and start out from the very basics.

As you know, the Display is able to program more than just one truck.  With additional VIN# licenses…

Now, let’s say a customer has four different trucks.  He goes and programs all four of them with just

ONE display.   The truck that has the display in it can change the power levels easily with the Real Time functions.

What about the other three trucks?  The switch is meant exactly for the trucks that do NOT have a display installed!

Simply plugging in a (possibly Fish tuning switch) these trucks are now able to change power levels too.

The coding in the Smarty has been changed so that after this new firmware  update has been installed

the five power levels can be changed with an installed switch.


OR, if the display has a custom tuning installed, the tuner must have tuned the five switch positions  which are now

available with this latest software release. Once again, install a switch into the truck and enjoy.


So we have released the new firmware’s for the displays AND the updates for the UDC Pro tuning software.

Does that make sense thus fare?


WHY not allow to switch tunes from the display you will almost certainly ask?

Because, the switch disables the real time functionality!  If a customer switches from the display and then wants

to use the RT again, he needs to reprogram the truck.  For this (and the above) reasons I decided against the ability

to switch power levels from the display directly.


Of course, if a switch is installed in the truck and ALSO the display, the switch WILL work and change power levels.

BUT this will disable to RT functionality of the display.  Again, to re gain the RT the truck needs to be reprogramed

and the switch needs NOT to be used.


I hope this explanation helps Rob. :drinks:


Thank you much,





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