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Settings for towing and mpg

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Looking for some help on settings. I currently just leave it on the tow setting, and watch gauges, timing and torque management I just leave at default. POD is set at 99. I only tow on weekends but it is roughly 14,000 lbs.


Truck: 2008 Dodge 3500 DRW 4x4, auto 68RFE trans


Mods: Smarty JR ver 6.06B 25ME, Flow-Pro 5in turbo back exhaust, egr delete, edge CTS display


Been contemplating going to switch 3 and changing timing to 4. Would this be ok pulling that much load as long as I watch the gauges. Also what would be a good starting point for the POD if I do change it. As far as the torque management should I change it from default. I would like to get the tranny to last as long as I can. Truck currently has 100,000 on it. I do let the truck warm up good before I get on it.





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Glad you are here with us Ty.


We recommend SW 2 for a stock auto. Of course one can use SW 3 and find a PoD setting to equal the sop feel of sw 2. Or, if one has the willpower to drive easier........... As where to test PoD, Try 90 and adjust from there with SW 3, TQ 4.


I recommend timing setting 4, most efficient. One could put tq on setting 1 to gain a slight edge for the trans life.


You watch gauges and also let it warm up before romping it. Excellent! Driver habits make a big difference in life of components. Also refrain from WOT at low rpm with a load! :thumbsup:

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