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More Questions about Smarty touch

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Just got the Smarty touch and it seems to be very cool. However the instructions are not very great and do not really explain anything. So I have a few questions...


1. Can you plug the S.T. into your computer via a usb cable? I tried and all I got was a blinking red LED light on the right side.


2. I have UDC. Where do I put my UDC files on the micro SD card? Do I put them in the root directory? Do I put them in a certain folder? Same thing with Firmware updates...


3. How do I go about getting the SSR and TNT tunes? I requested the tunes on the touch however I don't see how that is going to work.


Thanks in Advance!



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Good morning Dean!


One would simply update by using the SD card. Not by plugging in the unit.



Of course the software can be found here: http://smartyresource.com/SmartyUDC.aspx

Steps are:

- Press the “Get UDC” button on the Touch

- Insert the SD card into the computer

- Open the Smarty UDC software once the SD card is recognized

- In the top right you’ll see the Smarty Touch as connected device

- Read the stock UDC file

- Modify the tables

- Write the UDC file, in this case the last 8 characters of the saved UDC filename will be written into the correct SD folder (\data)

- Remove the SD from PC

- Insert the SD into the Touch

- Enjoy the world of DIY tuning


Please call my office and ask one of our techs for the SSR or TNT-r unlocks! The SSR is an upgrade "option" and TNT-r is yours for the asking.


Thank you!

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I was thinking I would really like to see my smarty touch have a turbo timer on it I think it would be a good addition to the tuner would this be something we will see in the near future

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A lot of additions are planned for Smarty Touch. First some (censored) items. After that we plan to offer (censored)


External censors will be an option before too long. As to a confirmation of a turbo timer and it's time of release, I do not have that information available. I can tell you that we have a lot in the works that is going on for the Touch. One addition at a time will be available and we will be working at upgrading our Smarty units non stop!


Thank you!

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