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Settings for '05 with built auto trans for daily and towing heavy?

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Trying to read between the lines from various posts with different setups for proper settings for me. Here are my truck details:

'05 2500 4x4 5.9L CTD AT. Fred Swanson billet trans/triple disc, Carli Backcountry +3in w/progressive leafs, 20x9 xD Misfit wheels, 316/60-20 (35in) Toyo MT's, Smarty Touch w/pyro, AFE Pro Dry stage2 intake, 5in Silverline exhaust, 4.10 gears, 180 thermostat, trans temp gauge,


For daily driving with some occasional fun knowing to take it easy as settings a little extreme would this be good:

sw5, t3, tq3, rp1


For towing a very heavy 5th wheel toy hauler that weighs in at about 22k lbs and being extremely aware of my driving habits to take it easy on trans, etc:

sw3, t3, tq1, rp1

*** Note, I have had issues with very high EGTs up to 1500 defuel on a long 6% pull but easily at 1350 on small short climbs as well as coolant getting up 230 on the long climb but normally under 200. Very sluggish of line/hard to get trailer moving. Hoping the Smarty helps with this compared to my old Bully Dog GT that I now think might have been doing more harm than good even in stock or tow modes. I only tow this a couple times a year any real distance.


Any other settings to check/change I might not be considering?



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Good morning!


I would have to agree with your SW and optional parameter setting choices for the tasks you will be doing with the 05 and your good driving habits.


Thank you!

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