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NewBee with lots of questions

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Hey from the deep south,

Sold my 04.5 2500 with the Smarty Jr. (loved the way it ran) and bought a new to me 2012 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn, stock.

Just bought a S67A and trying to read an engine code PC10C ??

Also got a Miss 12350331AN message to contact MADS?

Also trying to figure out what's the best program for towing 14,000# and milage?

If I use SW1 do I need to take anything off the truck or disconnect anything?



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Good afternoon and congrats on the new '12.


I recommend SW 3 which is the 60 hp tune for towing with a healthy stock auto trans. All defaults which give you the greatest timing for most efficiency. SW 3 should make you happy towing.


For the best empty mpg tune I use SW 9 on all defaults. To make your stock auto survive one would need to use the right foot lightly. One would also need to watch the pyro.


You would not need to remove or disconnect anything from the truck.


Please view this thread which talks about our efficient street legal programming! Testing has shown our tuning gives 25% better mpg in testing with less emissions than stock and less re-gens required. http://smartyresource.net/forum/showthread.php?450-Cummins-6-7L-FTP-75-drive-cycle-test-results


As to the MISS error message, You need to update to the newest software found here: http://smartyresource.com/smarty-sr-67.aspx


In order

to program the truck press “>” key.

Smarty shows this string “LOAD <xyz>

/ Press >”. Programming will start if

you confirm the request by pressing “>”

key. To return back just press “<” key at

any request.


The issue is there is a newer software from Chrysler on the truck that is newer than the software on the Smarty. By confirming you have the latest SW and following the instructions above you will be good to go.


thank you!



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I finally got around to loading the S-67 pgm 3 today. Using your instructions it seemed to load OK.

Had to wait till the dealer was done programing new keys and replacing the turbo.

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