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I have a 05 it has 60 hp sticks. 5 inch exhaust. Fass 150 titanium. S&b intake. And a boost fuller. Iv been running a ssr with some tunes that iv got from here. Is there anyone who can help explains what the settings do and and how they affect your truck. Thanks

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Good morning! These guides and instructions linked on this page will be a big assistance. http://smartyresource.com/smarty-ssr.aspx


If you have any further questions please let me know! Thank you! http://smartyresource.com/downloads/manuals/SmartySSRUserGuide.pdf



Brain i have ssr/udc - works great for sled pulling and daily driving but for towing i can't stand the rattle ? i have a guy who did tuning for me and the tow tune has plenty of power but i tow between 1800 and 2200 rpms and i get a rattle noise i can't stand ? i also have BBI stage II's on the truck . i tried just using the ssr side of it with some tunes i've found on here but same thing, same rattle between those rpms .

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Indeed try adjusting the SSR. The rattle is not from the BBi Injectors but sounds like a combustion rattle.


Please experiment further! Keep us posted!


Thank you!

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