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Engine Light Error Codes

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This weekend I deleted the egr, throttle valve and dpf on my 2010 - 6.7. I purchased a SJ67 programmed the truck but on the first start up I received 13 codes regarding exhaust issues. I deleted the codes and ran the program again but I still keep getting alarms and display to service the exhaust soon. Everything seems to be working great except for this issue. How do I address this issue? Wonderful Forum by the way.

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First thing you should do is check the advertizement where you bought it and verify it says "delete capable" so you can get your money back.

You bought a current emissions legal (read not delete capable) Smarty tuner. Mads no longer sells delete capable tuners so hopefully you can return it and find a delete capable one.

Raceme (sorry Brian), EFI (sorry again) and TorqueTech (ditto) are your choices for delete tuners.

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