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New to S06 POD

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Hi guys as it says Im new TY


Brian I just sent you a PM from the Dodge Cummins and you sent me some good stuff


I have done a ton of reading and know tiny bit of tuning enough to know that all trucks even thought the same are not created equal!!


I have an 05 5.9 cummins with the following mods

Built tranny (850 hp)

50 over injectors Dynamite Diesel

super HX 40 turbo

Banks High ram and Inter cooler

banks air box


I have updated the smarty to the latest SW I have tried a few setting so far ran SW#9 RPM#1 shift limit #1 TQ#3 timing #2 raill press #2 WG #1


with this Im getting tons of smoke lots of power and good Mileage


I do tow with this and like to have fun


does anyone have good input for the MODS I have for the way I drive?? do I have the setting right with what Im running or is there better??






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Good morning Darren!


I'm not on the Cummins forum so please resend that pm to me here!


The highest tune your truck will handle is indeed the most efficient. In addition I recommend using timing 2 which is the greatest on the latest software for your S-06. Thank you!

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Originally Posted by PUNISHER1

Hi Bob


I have been looking for some time to get a smarty and finally was able to get one!! I havent been able to update it I am also trying to find out more info on the UDC end of things?? I have a smarty S06 POD for a 2005 dodge ram 5.9 if you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate that a lot.










Thanks for your time


thanks again Brian you of course mean the shift timing? should be at #2?

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Im not quite sure I understand the Injection timing with the #3 and #4 #3 is advanced and less than level #2 and #4 is moderate less than level#3???



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Good afternoon Darren! Bob is not with Smarty but is a sales outlet for some of our products. I am your Smarty customer service and would love to give you a hand.


The above links you posted appear to be broken.


As to UDC tuning may I present this information for you: http://smartyresource.com/SmartyUDC.aspx

UDC is geared towards the end user but another option is having a professional do your UDC custom tuning for you. We have a member of this forum that is a regular poster here who would certainly be considered greatly qualified to do a tune for you.


For doing a software update on your S-06 please take a look at this here: http://smartyresource.com/smartyupgrade.aspx


This is the easiest way to get that task done. If you should have difficulty with that, please let me know and we can call you and assist you with the process.


As to the timing, I only use the odd numbered software and I use timing 2, (default) which is the greatest timing and most economical and efficient. Timing setting 1 is stock, 2= the greatest, 3 is less than 2 and 4 is less than 3. 1 is the lowest of all the choices.


Thank you Darren!



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