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Anything abnormal in these data plots?

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Part of reason of me buying the Smarty was to log and help me track down some issues I think I am having. Truck is great for normal daily driving for me but when towing heavy 5th wheel toy hauler I seem to be under powered and have to crawl 6% grades at like 25 to 30 MPH and EGTs get up to 1500 and coolant 230 and defuel kicks in. Here is some data without towing in which I got a moving start to get RPMS up a bit before hammering down. If you look at RPMs you will see a downshift and then an upshift later. See anything abnormal that might be a much bigger problem when towing?




Was running SW7 full power, t3, tq3, rp1


Maybe a boost leak? However, I have also heard the 35 PSI spike is normal for stock engine and should then drop down a little and hold about 29 which I do fairly well but still some downward drift. Does the Smarty do any boost fooling and perhaps I should have been even higher boost?


Maybe my fuel system is not keeping up? Pressure in general seem ok from what I know but I don't see the max 25k PSI until way after full throttle.


EGT's do get to 1350 on this very brief test not towing so I think its easy to image how they get to 1500 when towing. I am tapped into the hottest cylinder so have heard conflicting things that this might thus be somewhat normal.


Any input appreciated or what I might do from here whether it is putting it on a dyno, different type of data log, getting custom tune, etc. I only pull the trailer a couple times a year any real distance so will have to wait to get some data from that situation later.


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