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is it time for ssr?

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2004.5 6spd h.o. 4x4, minor mods include fass 260, bored 20 over, bosh "upgraded" injectors, stock turbo housing sort of with not stock internals, 5" down pipe with 6" from front of cat all the way back, cold air system, and 400hp of methanol injection, 3" full pusher x intake and south bend dual clutch. So im running tnt-r catcher 8 with torque timing, rp all at 3, I have a lil black smoke if i just let out the clutch with no pedal till 1600 rpm then the turbo kicks in and there is zero smoke but at higher rpm the engine exhaust is louder than ever, it still makes a ton of power but it sounds more like a drag car at high rpm with the bop bop bop sound, egts stay between 1200-1287 under full load from 35 mph-157 mph run. The turbo with stock intake does steady 46 psi after the intake swap it holds 32 psi which was expected with the new intake but heres where I'm lost with my custom crazy larry I would roll coal until 4200 rpm with the truck setup like this except I also had a ts performance mp-8, after upgrading to the smarty touch and getting tnt-r unlock I ended up removing the mp-8, but now I'm only able to build power until about 3600 rpm and im wondering if I need the ssr software to get my top end back, my gut instinct is telling me I need more duration at top end but I curious if anybody else has gone threw this and might have some insight? Just fyi I have full boost at 1900 rpm so a triple turbo setup is in the works. So far all other tnt-r settings have reduced power. I do love the smarty touch over my custom crazy larry tune for sure!

Thanks Guys

Robert Reilly

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