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Another rookie question

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Hello, my smarty is one of your older ones, im finally updating it for the first time, i followed the video on your website and was finally able to get the tuner updated, however when i plu it in to my truck, i get all the options minus the tire/abs cal and it doesn't seem to connect with he ECM, ie turning the key on and off and waiting the time limit for it to write to the truck, if i unplug it then back in it shows still stock..... any help would be great.......

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I also returned you PM. Welcome to SmartyResource forums!


Good morning!


I take it that this is the page you used for upgrade assistance? http://smartyresource.com/smartyupgrade.aspx

Which model of Smarty? Year of truck?


The ABS option shows only after the Smarty is locked to the truck. Do you have an error message on the window of the Smarty? Also confirm with a multi-meter your voltage as the ECM demands 12.6 volts at the ECM before the ECM is able to take a flash. Do you have an aftermarket lift pump? One could unplug that and the ABS fuse to save on power.

This guide should help: http://smartyresource.net/forum/showthread.php?202-Voltage-Issue-Guide

Please keep me posted! Thank you!



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Thanks for the help I was able to call in and work through it, the TNT-r is Bueno! Customer Service with you guys are just as good

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