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UDC Questions and help

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First question is will UDC ever support or be supported by newer versions of windows? My current laptop died and I am looking at a Mac or Windows 10. Thanks.


I have been working on tuning my own truck with UDC for a few months now. I have spent a LOT of time reading, working with timing calculators, etc.. building a tune. Until yesterday I was very happy with the minimal smoke, great power and spool, and good mileage. I have always "rolled into" the throttle while moving and it has pulled throughout the rev range well into triple digits.. perfectly!

Until I tried to hammer it from a stop!

About 1 to 2 seconds into the start it starting popping on me, rapid "backfires". Of course I let off, but it did it again when I tried again.

The ONLY other time I got this is when I tried my friends Smarty 3-4 years ago with a TNT tune. All of my other programmer (diablo, pmcr, bullydog, juice, etc..) have ran great. No rail pop ever.

So, I need to try to tune out the popping. It appears to only happen from a dead stop, when the turbo is trying to spool?? Like I said earlier I can go from 40-100mph WOT and it is fine.

What parameters do I need to look at to fine tune my issue? Can my CP3 not build rail pressure fast enough from a dead stop? If so, what can I do to help this out?

Generally speaking, my duration is TNT SW5 (ish), max timing is 25, and I do have my rail pushing 25ksi in the upper regions but it matches SW9 in the lower/middle reaches. I used the "timing calculator" to check some of my calcs and make sure things are not crazy out of whack.

What areas should I be looking into to help? Max timing in the upper regions? Middle regions? Rail pressure? Unfortunately, I only have an EGT, boost, and trans gage. So anything else I can not monitor or log.


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Going back to diablo. It never popped on me and runs all over the Smarty. Too bad, UDC has potential but everyone is so secretive about their tuning and offer no help.

Bye Smarty!

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UDC is supported by the newer windows versions. for MAC one would need to do a work around.


Secretive about UDC tuning? I am not a professional UDC tuner however there are some here that are. You can ask them specifically and they will be glad to help, at a price of course as that is how they make their living. I can understand why they may not wish to share their secrets for no charge.


Again, here is a read for tuning tips and guides for you that I can offer: http://smartyresource.com/SmartyUDC.aspx


Thank you!

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