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War Eagle

A few upgrades and a little maintenance!

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Ball joints needed replacement so I thought I would tackle that job myself and then at the same I would install my Spyntech Shorty free wheel hubs that have been sitting in my garage for over a year now.


I also had a steering brace that I wanted to get installed.


While I am at it I thought I might as well do a needed brake job and replace the u-joints on the stub shafts since I had everything apart. I think doing all this work at once actually will save me a significant amount of time over doing each job separately when everything reached the end of its life.


I replaced my front sway bar links as well because the bushings are coming apart and look very tired and worn.




I have always noticed the fuel tank has a strong vacuum pull every time I opened the cap to refuel. Thought maybe cap was bad but then did a little research and found the cap is not vented by design. Tried to look at the tank fittings while the tank was still on the truck and couldn't really see things well enough to come to any conclusion. I was looking for mud and debris build up around what I thought might be the the tank vacuum relief valves.


So I decided it was time to drop the tank and take a better look and see if I could figure out what was going on. While I had the tank down I decided to install a new tank fill vent on the highest portion of the tank so as to improve the filling experience (read as: shorten the time to fill the tank).


So I removed the in-tank pump and looked in the tank and found some interesting things. Some sort of particles setting in the tank that I had to clean out. One thing that didn't look right to me is each of the rollover/vacuum relief valves had a cap on them. So I can't understand how they could possibly work when they were capped off. I wonder if the caps weren't installed when the tank was manufactured and shipped to the truck assembly plant but were not removed when the tank was installed and hooked up in the truck. I am now thinking this is the cause of my tank vacuum problem. In fact if you look at the tank real closely you can see where the bottom and at least one side has been pulled inward. There are no leaks so the integrity of the tank is still intact but I removed those caps and installed a section of hose to each one and put a filter on each one to ensure nothing can get into the end but still remain open so a vacuum isn't pulled on the tank when fuel is being drawn down.


I replaced the in tank fuel pump and re-installed the tank. It was more of a challenge for me to re-install than remove because it is fairly tight quarters to get your hands in everywhere where you need to reconnect fuel lines, electrical connections and all the hoses and clamps. But got it done in about 1 hour or so and then put in about 6 gallons of diesel so I could start the truck and take it out to fill the tank and get first impressions on driving the truck with all the updates.


So I took it out to get the tank filled up with fuel and the driving seems like the front end is so free and easy feeling. Doesn't feel like the same truck.


Filling the fuel tank went much faster than normal. Pump clicked off at a tad over 31 gallons. So I went 8 miles from my house to get to the gas station so even if I burned a gallon of gas to get to the station (which I am sure didn't happen) I now had slightly over 37 gallons in the tank. So i am concluding that by relocating the tank vent I have much improved my refueling experience by shortening the time to fill the tank and picking up 3 + useable gallons in my tank.


Next stop was to get the front end aligned and then start checking my mileage.


I have a son that is moving to Portland to go to school in the fall. Made 3 trips back and forth. 1 trip pulling a trailer loaded with household furnishing etc. Not a big one but a 6x12 flat nose which scaled at 4.5k and the bed of the truck was loaded also. GVW was at 14.9k. Got 16.2 mpg's going over and then 16.3 coming back unloaded, which I thought was not too bad. Lots of wind in the gorge on this trip


Made the 2 other trips over with stuff in the bed only (did not scale the loads) and on the first round trip got 22.2 mpg and on the last one got 22.5 mpg with the 19.5s on. All hand calculated. I also had some wind through the gorge on both of those trips


Nothing scientific but it is looking very positive for the freewheeling hub install. I can't say enough for how easy this thing is to drive and steer now. Don't really know how to explain it but it just feels so much freer or effortless.


I'm liking things so far!



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Excellent John! Thank you greatly for the update!


Love the Free-Wheeling hubs. :thumbsup:

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Hello War Eagle, after you replaced the sway bar links did you notice any change while driving? Or was it to hard to really tell with the combination of the other upgrades you installed at the same time? I am referring to your comment "front end is so free and easy feeling" I take it that its allot better. But in my mind I think the opposite, that it would be stiffer.


My current sway bar links are wore out as well, the rubber boots are pretty much gone. Also what brand did you go with? I am currently looking at these SuspensionMAXX Performance Sway Bar End Links 03-10 Ram 2500 / 3500 4x4

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Hello AveryFisher,


"free and easy feeling" is a comment due to the driving improvement from the free wheeling hubs. Loss of rotating mass on the front end was a big improvement in driving the truck.


Can't say I noticed any change due to the front links being replaced. But then again I don't road race or drive aggressively.


Just got back from a 6000 mile trip to Florida and got my best mileage ever in winter driving. :happy:

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