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Default settings and timing with Touch. Still confused. What or whom to believe.

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Question 1. Defaults


When calling Smarty, I am told the default setting for the Adjustable Options on the Touch is 1. I have seen several posts by Smarty techs on forums confirming this.


In the "Smarty Touch Comprehensive Guide" it states that "By default, they are set on stock values".:facepalm:


?????????? Which one is correct ??????????


Stock would make sense because with different model years 1 could mean greatest or least.


Question 2. Even or odd softwares.....


This also pertains to the default setting I'm guessing. To have no added timing on an even software, which setting would the timing need to be on? The default of stock? This would make no sense. This would make one of the software settings a true "stock" and the other would have to be either stock with less timing or a stock with added timing. Since you stated in the reply to the post below that all other settings would make the two softwares "duplicates" if set the same, stock is the only one left. Also, for the 03-07 M.Y. setting 1 (default) is the greatest timing which would surely defeat the purpose of running a "No Added Timing" software.:think: The posts below show most of the contradictions and source of confusion.



From Thread:

Touch Adjustable Values & what exactly do they add to the SW's


Hey Ya'll..


Brian stated that in the Adjustable Options on this Touch, the value of #1 is "Default" for the CaTCHER's/SW's..



What I would like to know is if that rings true across the board for ALL CaTCHER's/SW's & ALL ADJUSTABLE VALUES in this Smarty TOUCH? Value #1 is default no matter what SW even or odd, no matter what adjustable value, be it Rail Pressure, Timing or Torque. Is that correct?

(I have since spoken with Brian & got my answer. YES, Value #1 in the adjustable Revo Settings is the "DEFAULT"!!)



I'll be using SW/CaTCHER 4 & 5 as examples because they are the same HP level. (SW4 is 60hp w/no added Timing as Default & SW5 is 60hp w/added Timing as Default)


So here's the question, if I was to use ↓↓↓↓


SW4(No Tm)w/3RP/3TM/3TQ


what is going to be the difference between that & this


SW5(Added Tm)w/3RP/3TM/3TQ



Going off the tunes above... Is SW 5 having even more timing added to it by selecting TM-3 or are both SW 4 & SW 5 the same at that point? If they can both become the same tune just by changing the adjustable values, what is the purpose of having SW 5 on the unit at all if SW 4 becomes SW 5 once you add timing to it? Or am I not understanding something?



Anyways, I know that was rather lengthy & I already had the Default value question answered but I hope this can help some others who are confused as I was, or still are when it comes to the rest of the questions. Hopefully Brian will see this & well be able to hear these questions answered as if we were all in Smarty Kindergarten. That way the answers are understandable.


Thanks in advance Brian or whomever!!


Hi Matt!


Thank you for your post! Much appreciated!


The way the Touch is set up eliminates confusion.


1. Indeed as Matt has posted setting 1 is default in all parameter settings and the lower value.


2. Default # 1 settings are the lowest Smarty settings. Stock is lowest and 1 is the lowest "Smarty" setting. 3 is the highest. The Touch is lined up to be simpler than the other Smarty products.


3. "IF" one would want to use SW 4, yes, add timing by upping the settings!


4. Indeed you are correct. A duplication!


Thank you kindly!



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Good afternoon!


Our guide is linked here for everyone's convenience: http://smartyresource.com/Downloads/Manuals/SmartyTouchComprehensiveGuide.pdf


Indeed setting 1 is default for the optional parameters. I am sorry for the confusion. These will be updated for simplicity with future software updates.


Here is the page describing your optional parameter settings. http://smartyresource.com/downloads/manuals/SmartyTouchAdjustoptions.pdf These are different throughout the years, at this time. For your even numbered softwares you will find the "default" setting to be "stock" pertaining to the timing.


Hope this helps!


Thank you!

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It would appear that I had referenced the wrong link in one section. My statement of

In the "Smarty Touch Comprehensive Guide" it states that "By default, they are set on stock values".
is incorrect. That in the last paragraph of page 10 in the Smarty Touch Manual, not in the guide.


I only had a second last night to mess around with things but I did see that, regardless of odd/even softwares, if I enter a value of 0 into the timing it will default to stock. I did not try this with any of the other adjustable options. I will explore more in depth this weekend.


With regards to my second question of

To have no added timing on an even software, which setting would the timing need to be on?
. You are saying that stock is where timing would need to be set? It would still appear that all other settings would make the two softwares (ie SW6 TM1, SW7 TM1 / SW6 TM2, SW7 TM2 etc..) identical or am I not looking at this correctly. Forgive my lack of brain function. I have been running on 3-4 hours of sleep for the past few months.


I have not been able to find a setting so far on TNT or Revo that will ease my timing rattle and low load/cruising surge. Any recommedations with 90hp injectors? Looks like it may be time for UDC. Its only more money right!!??!! :broke:


Thanks for the help Brian.

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Thank you!


Indeed simply set the optional parameters where you want it specifically! This varies by the year as to which timing setting. I use the "greatest" timing myself. As to the rattle, injector rattle perhaps?


Indeed UDC would be worth while.

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Hmm .. I may see my answer. The only difference in the odd and even software is when you enter 0 to set the default, odd will default to 1 and even will default to stock. There is absolutely no difference between the two other than where the default is set.... I thought for sure I had tried this last night but I may have checked the default from sw7 on Revo vs sw7 on TNT. I'll verify tonight. Seems like even numbered software (no added timing) should only have an option for stock. How does that sound .... Correct???


By the way. Can I use a standard stylus to calibrate the touch screen? My fat callused fingers can barely get at the buttons at the top of the screen and I have to press below all of the other menu buttons and dashboards.





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Yes Sir! You are correct. You can customize your timing settings to make the 2 examples the same. A stylus should work on your Touch.


Thank you!

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