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2004.5 dodge at high altitude, mods are .20 over, 750 wrhp turbo, 3" pusher x intake, banks double shot methanol injection with 2 custom 76hp injectors and 4 56hp injectors, fass 260, bd pulse manifold, full 6" exhaust, south bend dual clutch. I have a fully updated smarty touch with ssr and the settings are lld 25/ hld 46, llr 50/ hlr 45, llt 35 / hlt 35, tq 2, pre injection=stock, rpm limit=4600.

Truck runs great and pull hard and wraps fast as hell right up to 4200 rpm with very little smoke but I think I can get more power with some timing adjustments but I'm at a loss as to what is safe, I lose power if I go below 35 on llt and hlt.

Any tips would be appreciated!



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