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Smarty SG2 Touch Newbie

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Ok so I'm doing a big upgrade to my truck next week and my programming is going to be done by the Smarty Touch, the list* of mods are:

5in turbo back exhaust

Banks Ram air intake

Fass 150gph lift pump

XDP sump kit

XDP fuel filter delete

(Already has a fully built transmission)

Smarty touch with egt probe

Bd power pulse manifold


And that's it for this round of upgrades, my question is what are some good settings for DD and then towing. I like to have a little fun goosing the throttle when a duramax or ford is messing around. I tow about a 10k travel trailer all around the US from jobsite to jobsite so per what I am having done to the truck I'd like to get some input on what settings to run to really optimize what my truck has done to it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

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Good morning!


I don't really like to recommend a SW level so I won't as everyone has different driving habits and ideas of what they believe is optimum. (I did not notice your year model either). However if it was mine I'd start out with SW 5 timing at the "Greatest" Rail on 1. TQ on 1. That setting works well towing and feels good for daily driving as well.


As you may have read, OTF (On The Fly) will soon be here so you can change levels on the fly. :thumbsup: http://smartyresource.com/downloads/ComMod_Introduction.pdf More to come as well.

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I did see that OTF tuning, that's gonna be really nice, I'll probably wait on putting one in till I see how people like them. Also thank you for your time and suggestion on a setting to try! I'm definitely going to give that a shot and see if it's got enough umph in it. I'm really excited to see how this old 2004.5 Cummins runs after Smokin Okie Diesel gets done with it

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