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Tuning for on the fly and Trans Tuning, Model Years 10 - 12 released

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A new software version is out for Smarty Touch (Firmware: 1.0.16 Data: DRST003B).


This version includes the new adjustable parameters and the On the fly feature for the MY2010-2012 trucks.


Parameters are: Duration, Rail pressure, Timing, Torque, Transmission (only for 68RFE) and Variable geometry turbo.


Timing for these Model Years are not a OTF parameter.




In the near future we will be releasing Cab & Chassis MY2011-2012 software as well.


You will find our new upgrade here:



Oct. 13, 2015 - Software update

•Smarty Touch: On the fly tuning software for MY 2010 - 2012 released. Now the adjustable parameters are: Duration, Rail

pressure, Timing, Torque, Transmission and Variable geometry turbo.

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