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2012 safe settings/trans tuning

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Hi, I have a 2012 6.7ho with a 68rfe and I am very interested in getting myself a smarty touch, I like the idea of emissions intact tuning, and you guys seem to be the best from what I hear. Anyway I was just wondering what kind of power levels and timing setting I can safely run without jeopardizing my head gasket or trans to much. My truck rarely does any heavy towing or gets abused. 95% of my miles are just commuting to work and I am looking for milage gains and a cleaner running engine. Do any of the tunes for my truck cause the egr to be less aggressive? What options do I have to play with other than power and timing? Can I adjust tq management or the vgt at all on a 2012? Also it looks like you just released trans tuning? Any info you could give me would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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Hi Dean,




This newest version includes the new adjustable parameters and the On the fly feature for the MY2010-2012 trucks. http://smartyresource.com/smartytouch-3.aspx


Parameters are: Duration, Rail pressure, Timing, Torque, Transmission (only for 68RFE) and Variable geometry turbo.


On my otherwise stock, 6.7 truck I like to use the highest setting, SW 9 and use "greatest" timing for an efficient daily driver and empty tune. Of course I use my pedal pressure sparingly. However, I know my own style of driving with this truck and am not worried about stressing it. Your results may vary.


I like using SW 5 for towing with this truck. Again I know my driving style so I can not recommend my personal choices to others. We normally recommend SW 3 for a stock auto.


Trans tuning guides will be published.


As to changing anything with the EGR, we leave that intact.


Thank you!

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Does your "otherwise stock" truck have head studs? And I realize that the egr stays intact and all of your tuners are no longer delete capable, the question about the egr was: Do the tunes on the smarty cause the egr to be less aggressive, as in is less egr or more egr usage to keep the emissions in check with these tunes. I applaud the R&D that is going into these products to make the cummins powered Rams a better all around truck, but if the power and economy gained with this tuner is just going to pump more soot into my engine, that is something I would like to know when I weigh the pros and cons of each tuner I look at. Thank you in advance for your reply on these two questions Brian

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