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Smarty touch trans issues

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I just purchased a Smart Touch and installed the lowest setting SW1 to start out. Kept all the other settings as stock. I also set the tire size to 35" in the ABS setting. Now when my transmission goes to shift into overdrive at highway speeds it cant seem to figure out if it needs to be in OD OR 4th. I put things back to stock and its less noticable but the issue remained. If i turn the OD off seems to run fine just at higher rpms as it should. Worked fine before installing the smarty software. The tranny is completely stock as far as I know. Could the two be related? I didn't rod on it, just normal Portland traffic driving and highway speeds. I am completely new at programmers as this is my first one for any of my vehicles. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

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Good morning!


Smarty does not alter transmission shift points. However adding power affects how much pedal pressure one would wish to use. More power = less pedal pressure which affects trans shifting. Also experiment with tire height by comparing 31" to 35" on the tire height adjustment.


The 30 hp of SW 1 should not be as much stress on a stock trans as would be the switch to 35's.


In this awful Portland traffic I turn off OD as well. Way easier on the trans.

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Thanks for replying Brian. I didn't think the Smarty did anything to shift points. The issue went away the next day and haven't had problems since- knock on wood. I will keep playing with the settings to see what i like.

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