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ECM flash

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Good morning!


http://smartyresource.net/forum/showthread.php?642-For-those-needing-a-Recovery This link shows what information we will need. We grab your trucks information and we send that to our programmer and we purchase a recovery file which is specific to your truck.


When you are ready lets take this to email as I must email the information and email your recovery back to you for you to load onto your Smarty and onto your truck.


Thank you!

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Brain new to the forum could you do the flash with a touch on an 03 I had a Jr on it that I used to do the manual flash and now I returned to stock so I can upgrade to the touch and my check engine light is on now according to the guy that got me the flash file it should still be on there even when returned to stock thanks in advance

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Good morning! What codes are showing up?


Indeed if you used the Jr to flash the recovery, then take it back to stock to load the Touch you would be good to go. :thumbsup:

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