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Trans Tuning and more, Smarty Touch Update, 12-4-15

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Good afternoon!


We've published a new release for the Smarty Touch:

A milestone : FREE complete 68Rfe transmission tuning.


This update addresses the 2010 to 2016 trucks.


Complete means:


1) Raised line pressure in all Forward gears AND during the shifts.


2) Increased shift firmness for less slip in the clutches.


3) Changed shift points at WOT in all gears @ 3000 RPM.


4) 6th gear unlock and downshift to avoid the massive torque and make the transmission last longer.




In addition to the transmission tuning a few other things are changing also.




1) Revised timing for less combustion noise.


2) Revised rail pressure. The actual rail pressure follows now more precisely the desired rail pressure.


This becomes most noticeable under WOT and / or with aftermarket injectors.


3) Several DTC codes have been addressed.


4) A few things have changed in the Touch's menus.


5) For customer care : a new firmware which now writes a .txt file onto the SD card with all the information's about:


Tuning settings / OTF settings / Firmware version / Tuning software version / Bat voltage and the like.


Read that file from the SD card and send it to us. It will help us tremendously helping you, our valued customers



http://madselectronics.com/DownloadTouch.html This link has your update.



Also if you have an 11 or 12 C&C and are interested in being a beta test please let me know!


Thank you!



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