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UDC, Dongle and Touch

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Good day,

Got questions here.


I have a 2004 truck with Touch on it. Had vendor do a UDC tune. I have the dongle and it is VIN locked to my truck.


I plugged the dongle into my laptop and started UDC software but it remains in "demo" mode. Software should recognize dongle and unlock correct?. Or are there different types of dongles? I think vendor mentioned that, but my CRS is kicking in.


Also to copy UDC tune from Touch to look at it in software does it need to be in some special format? I pulled the memory card from touch and inserted it into my laptop and directed software to look at memory card. It did not recognize any files.


Thank you

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Start UDC with the dingle in, SD card out. Once the UDC is loaded, then insert the SD card and it should switch out of demo mode.


Of course before you do all of this, you need to have the SD card in the touch and go to the ecm menu and "get udc". That will put the udc tune on your SD card which will unlock the udc program on your computer when you follow the steps above.

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