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Smarty jr timing and EGTs

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When towing heavier loads, which timing setting is recommended? Is higher

Timing going to result in higher EGTs

Also, does the torque setting have an effect on EGTs while towing?

My truck is 2006 4x4,cold air intake and muffler delete. Auto/3.73

Smarty jr j06 newest software

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Good morning Mike!


Higher timing will actually lower EGT. Higher timing will however raise cylinder pressures and temps. Your Jr on SW 3 with Timing at the Greatest, (setting 2) is safe and efficient. In addition to lowering egt it helps mpg and offers increased power from the efficient timing.


The TQ setting allows more fueling to come on instantly. You should not be bothered by egt on the Jr by setting TQ to the highest setting.


Thank you!

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