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high millage set up

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Just picked up a new smarty touch. Was wondering what a safe base line would be to start off at with high miles. Would like to get the most out of the truck, safely (Like every other person here lol). Engine in stock, has a five inch exhaust with and intake. Trans has a triple disc billet torque converter, billet input shaft, all new clutches and steels, vale body kit, billet servos, new bands, and a few other odds and ends. If anyone with more experience could give me some info that would be great, really want a good start. Thank you!

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High mileage would not concern me with a Cummins. How high?


SW 5 is safe and towing the EGT is lower than stock. Use "greatest" timing. That is my recommendation on the clock.


Running Empty I like SW 9 and watch the pyro. Ok, actually I use SW 9 for towing as well. The pyro keeps me safe. I won't let the wife tow on SW 9 though. Driving habits are key. Happy to see you have a BOMB'ed trans. :thumbsup: Wont be an issue on sw 9.



Just my opinion. :cheers:

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