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    Like I said I don't have an egt guage yet, and because of that I don't think I went past 1/4 throttle and it was still night and day difference from stock with the trailer on. Maybe be a little less cautious this weekend. You guys have done your homework, thank you... Money well spent !
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    I'd leave it on 5. All levels max duration at wot, you just max it sooner on higher levels. Not really needed for towing.
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    Good morning, The increased timing adds efficiency which you notice with increased mpg, cooler egt, and more power. If your clutch is in good condition and you drive with a soft foot and use proper rpm's under load you could consider SW 7. I wont advise you on a SW choice as everyone has different needs but SW 7 and a stock clutch I had no issue towing with my driving style on my 02.